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Gym Trainers File Wage and Hour Claims against Employer

Recent reports revealed that several former and current trainers employed by Western Athletic Clubs, LLC and Pacific Sports Resort, Inc. filed a class action lawsuit against the latter.

In the lawsuit, the plaintiffs claimed that defendant violated the California employment laws after failing to pay overtime and failing to provide accurate wage statements.

Under the California labor law, hourly employees must be paid overtime at one and a half times more the regular hour pay. Moreover, if the overtime is more than 12 hours a day or more than 8 hours on the seventh consecutive day of the week, the regular hourly wage must be doubled.

Apparently, the trainers were paid an hourly wage in addition to commissions and bonuses based on the number of training sessions that she was able to accomplish each day.

The plaintiffs affirmed that the defendants had systematically underpaid overtime wages by failing to include bonus compensations in its trainers’ regular rate of pay. They further claimed that the defendant required them to work back-to-back training sessions, which prevented them from taking 30-minute uninterrupted meal breaks as required by the labor law.

Regarding the meal breaks, it is also stated under the California Labor Code that non-exempt employees can have a 30-minute uninterrupted meal breaks within the first 5 hours of work while for every four hours they work, they are allowed to take a 10-minute rest break.

Consequently, the plaintiffs are seeing an injunction enjoining such conduct by the defendant and unpaid compensation and restitution according to reports.

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