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Google Plans More Job Layoff in Motorola Units

According to recent news, Google is reportedly planning to broaden its job layoffs in its Motorola units outside the U.S. The said job cuts will cost around $390 million in termination pay and other charges related thereto.

Accordingly, Google said through its filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission that it will include additional geographic regions outside of the U.S. in its Motorola restructuring. Nevertheless, the giant search engine is not adding to the 4,000 job cuts that it previously announced last August.

It could be recalled that during the said month, the company had announced that it was planning to close or consolidate about a third of Motorola’s 90 locations.

Google added that close to 20 percent of the two-thirds of the job layoffs will from Motorola’s staff, while 7 percent will be from Google’s overall workforce and that the same would take place outside the United States.

It can be remembered that it was only May of this year when Google bought Motorola Mobility, which is best–known for making cell phones and cable set-top boxes, for $12.4 billion. In fact, the deal marked the company’s biggest acquisition so far. The company aims to widen its business through the said acquisition.

In fact, Motorola now makes phones that run on Google’s Android operating software. However, its greatest rival, Korean tech-giant Samsung Electronics Co., has left them behind the competition.

Of the $390 million allotted budget for the job cuts, nearly $300 million of which will be for termination-related payments, while some $90 million will cover the cost of closing facilities through 2013.

Incidentally, the California-based company is best known for being one of the most generous and employee-friendly company across the globe. Therefore, no doubt that it would observe various labor statutes in the affected sites, as it fully abides with California employment laws, once it executes its layoff plans.

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