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Female Radio Show Host Files Sexual Harassment Suit Against Co-Worker

If you’re from Fresno, you may have heard of radio show host Inga Barks at least at one point or another.

The female host has recently filed a complaint suing her co-host in a radio station in Bakersfield for allegedly sexually harassing and assaulting her for years. Her lawsuit also implicated American General Media, the owner of the station, for failing to act on her previous complaints of harassment.

In her lawsuit, Barks claimed that her co-host at the conservative talk show Scoot Cox began to abuse her in 2002 – forcing him to kiss her, touching her inappropriately, and even demanding various forms of sexual gratification from her.

She claimed that when she confronted Cox, her allegedly slammed her against a wall in the hallway and made offensive remarks about her appearance and sexuality even on air. When she complained to the station managers, Barks was ignored.

Barks said that the abuse continued for years and there were times Barks gave in to Cox just to avoid further harassment. Recently, after repeatedly demanding sex from her, groping her, and asking for a kiss, Barks resigned from the show.

In response to Barks’ accusations, Cox’s lawyers advised him not to address the issue while the president of the company, Rogers Brandon said that while they deny Barks’ claims, they hope to come to an amicable resolution to the issue.

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  1. Scott Behren says

    Love the site, for weary workers looking for further information on their employee rights, check out our employee rights blog

  2. Kelsey Rogers says

    She should have taken immediate legal action in order to protect herself from this illegal act. In this case, liability may also be attached to the company if it was proven that the station managers failed to address the problem.

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