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Everdry Marketing and Management Held Liable for Sexual Harassment

Justice was delayed but not denied.

Following a sexual harassment case filed way back in October 2006, the defendant Everdry Marketing and Management has finally paid $471,096 worth of damages to 13 female employees, including $86,581 as post-judgment interest.

In the lawsuit filed against Everdry in Rochester, N.Y., the female employees, who were mostly teenage telemarketers, claimed that they suffered physical and verbal sexual harassment at the hands of male managers and co-workers for  a prolonged period of time.

Allegedly, repeated sexual demands were made to the female employees, were constantly groped and subjected to sexual jokes and comments about the bodies of other women workers. A male manager was also said to have requested for sex in return for a raise.

Victims will be paid individually $24,000-$56,000 with interest because of the waiting period incurred when Everdry filed an appeal contesting the finding of the court and the award of the jury. Aside from compensatory damages for the victim’s pain and suffering, punitive damages were also rendered against the company to punish and deter it from committing or allowing sexual harassment.

Sexual harassment is one of the most prevalent kinds of abuses suffered by many employees . Both men and women can be the victim of sexual harassment and in order to stop the cycle of abuse, employees who experienced sexual harassment must not hesitate to come forward and complain about this kind of unlawful treatment.

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