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Employees Sue Coca-Cola Company for Labor Law Violation

Allegedly, the Coca-Cola Enterprise Inc. and its affiliates in Los Angeles California have violated several California Labor Laws.

The labor law violation lawsuit involves approximately 1,500 workers with possible financial liability that could amount to more than $30 million.

Court documents reveal that the defendants are charged with the following labor law violation:

• Non-payment of overtime wages
• Failure to provide meal and rest breaks and adequate compensations for jobs done during this period
• Failure to reimburse the expenditures incurred for personal vehicle used during work hours
• Failure to provide uniform allowance
• Failure to provide accurate payroll records

In the lawsuit, the complainants claim that on November, 2010, they sent a written notice to the Labor and Workforce Development Agency (LWDA) noting that the defendants have violated the provisions of the California Labor Code. The said written complaint was supported with evidences. However, on January, 2011, the complaining party received a response coming from the LWDA declaring their lack of intent to investigate the allegations.

The government agency that is supposed to protect workers and strengthen labor laws clearly disregarded worker’s complaints, and such act is extremely disturbing.

The lawsuit was first filed in California state court in Los Angeles but was forwarded to federal court due to the defendant’s motion filed under the Class Action Fairness Act (CAFA).

The complainants together with their California employment lawyer is assessing whether a motion to remand is permitted. In their lawsuit, they are seeking for unpaid wages, overtime compensation, premium wages for job done during meal and rest break, unreimbursed and civil penalties in accordance with the California Labor Codes.

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