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EEOC Sues Haven Manor Inc. for Disability Discrimination

Disability discrimination is one of the most prevalent types of employment discrimination. Despite the fact that various federal and state laws have been enacted to prohibit it, there are still many cases that occur all over the US.

Take for instance, a recent disability discrimination lawsuit in Lincoln, Nebraska filed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in behalf of a hearing-impaired employee.

The victim, Amanda Huff, a hearing-impaired certified nursing assistant (CNA) was allegedly denied employment because of her disability. According to the EEOC, Haven Manor, Inc. refused to accept the temporary placement of Huff at its Lincoln facility.

Following the lawsuit filed by the EEOC, the company agreed to settle the claim and pay Huff $10,000. Further, Haven Manor shall be providing training to all management and supervisory employees about disability discrimination under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as well as how to provide reasonable accommodation to a qualified individual with a disability. In the agreement, Haven shall also report to the EEOC every request for reasonable accommodation made by its employees as well as applicants seeking to work with the company.

Under the ADA, it is unlawful to treat an employee or applicant less favorably in any employment practices (such as hiring, firing, pay or benefits) on the basis of his or her disability or medical condition.

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  1. Kelsey Rogers says

    It is disappointing to know that some employers still perform discriminatory actions against disabled individuals, though the act is prohibited by ADA and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Hopefully, employers will make employment decisions based on a person’s skills, not on his medical condition.

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