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3 New California Labor Laws that Will Likely Attract Thousands of Employees


Photo gives credit to Viviane Moos/Corbis.

Photo gives credit to Viviane Moos/Corbis.

Right from the start, California has been known for being one of the most employee-friendly states in the country.

For many job seekers, California is the best place to live and to work due to the extensive labor protection to workers that the state has to offer.

Most probably, now that that state has three new important policy changes to take effect by January 2014, a labor attorney, who has dedicated his career helping aggravated employees in the Los Angeles work force, speculated that thousand more employees would be compelled to hunt job in California.

To begin with the three new important employment laws that would give additional rights and benefits to employees in the state, let us first talk about the leaves.

Family Leave Rights

Current labor law provides state workers with the right to take up to six weeks paid leave to bond with their new baby or to take care for a seriously ill family member such as children, spouse or domestic partner and parents. Workers are paid via wage replacement. Starting from 2014, California is extending the said paid leave to enable workers to take care for sick siblings, grandparents, grandchildren and even parents-in-law.

Minimum Wage

As we previously featured in a recent blog post, the state’s current minimum wage per hour will be increased by $2 in the next two years. So far, California’s current minimum wage of $8 is actually higher than the federal minimum wage per hour.

Sexual Harassment

Fortunately for those employees who have been victims of sexual harassment in the workplace, this is probably your best shot. Under the current California employment law, sexual harassment should not necessarily be motivated by sexual desire. In 2014, the definition of the sexual harassment will be given a new language. The new law will consider any grab for power over another person as sexual harassment. In such event, juries may arrive to accurate conclusion when deciding on a case.

Well, these actually some of the main changes to come up in the upcoming fiscal year. There is actually more of it. See our previous blog post – What to Expect from the California Employment Law in 2014.


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