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Gender Discrimination Lawsuit Filed by EEOC Against a Marion-Based Coal Mine

In today’s modern world, many still doesn’t believe that what can man do can de done by a woman of today.

Mach Mining, a mining company in Johnston City, Illinois has been charged by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) in a federal lawsuit for violating Civil Rights Law, sending away female miner applicants.

The EEOC has been investigating the Mach Mining since they became aware of the company’s policy or practice of not hiring women for any mining – related position since 2006.

In 2008, Brooke Petkas of West Frankfort , first filed a lawsuit and then followed by more than 60 complaints from other female applicants. The EEOC, voluntarily contacted those other female applicants during the investigation and found out that the allegations for the said mining company is true and correct.

Despite the high qualifications of those women applicants for the mining and other mining related jobs, they still weren’t hired.

On further investigation, it was found that Mach Mining doesn’t have bathrooms or changing facilities respectively for female miners. Therefore, the federal commission criticized the mining company.

In the lawsuit, Mach Mining could be liable for possibly less than a million dollars. The lawsuit claims that there is a gender discrimination taking place in the mining company. The company violated the Civil Rights Act when they failed or refused to hire female workers due to their gender.

Once Mach Mining has been found guilty, it could be obliged to pay back pays as far back as year 2006, punitive damages as well as the financial losses of those female applicants.

Coal mines are dirty, tiring and a risky place to work. However, for women who are still seeking for mining job opportunities, it’s not about the money but it’s about a challenge of today’s world wherein women can impressively dominate in men’s world.

Mach Mining has not yet giving any comment concerning the lawsuit. In the legal process, the respondent is given 60 days to file their response to the lawsuit, but allegedly, said mining is looking for an extrajudicial settlement.

It’s no longer surprising that men often overlooked women’s skills and ability, maybe because of the fact that they themselves refused to see and accept the reality that women of today can now overpower men. Therefore, gender discrimination is not a unique issue in the work place today.

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