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Teamster Testifies Against Loomis Regarding Employment Rights Violations

The largest US union company, Teamster, testified about employment rights violations by Loomis.

A hearing was held February 24 at the International Brotherhood of Teamster, after the Swedish leaders and legal experts traveled to the United States to investigate reports concerning the employment rights violations, which was allegedly done by Loomis.

Loomis is a US subsidiary company of Swedish cash logistics corporation Loomis AB. The company provides armored transport, ATM, cash processing, and outsourced vault service to banks and other financial institutions.

In the scheduled hearing, several US experts and International labor law representatives, including the former Chairwoman of the National Labor Relations Board, Wilma Liebman, are expected to testify regarding Loomis’ unilateral decision to turn its back from the worker’s union, Teamster. Also, a security risk assessment expert is about to testify about Loomis’ changes to its security practices and policies.

After 58-years, Loomis decided not to allow its California employees to continue being represented by Teamsters, and it also refused to negotiate new contracts.

Loomis previously cancelled its employees’ retirement plan and replaced the same with a substandard health care plan. Loomis could also terminate employees without reasonable cause, and older employees can be replaced by younger and lower-paid ones, despite the latter’s years of experience. Moreover, Loomis hindered several safety measures that are very significant for armored car guards.

Recently, one employment lawyer also testified to the aforementioned facts and affirmed that Loomis forced its employees to sign a waiver allowing the company to coerce workers to work through their lunch breaks. Thus, Loomis employees can not file for a wage and hour claims since they signed the said agreement.

Teamsters believe that the said practices violated the US law, the internationally acknowledged employment rights standards established by the International Labour Organization, the United Nations, and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) multinational guidelines.

The UNI commission held the first of the three hearings set forth in the US last Tuesday.

There are lots of government and even private organizations that are more than willing to help such employees in different labor issues by providing them with professional and expert legal assistance on workplace issues. Thus, employment rights violation victims should be aware of all their legal rights, particularly when it comes to their health and safety.

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