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A Tennessee Marine Construction and Transportation Company Faces Sanctions for Racial Discrimination

racial discriminationChoctow Transportation Company, Inc., a marine construction and transportation company in Dyersburg, Tennessee, is about to face several penalties for the racial discrimination filed against them by the EEOC.

The said company is required to pay a monetary relief amounting to $75,000 to an African-American job applicant for a racial discrimination lawsuit settlement. In addition, a three-year consent decree resolving the racial discrimination lawsuit requires Choctow to give training to all its workers about the employees’ rights set forth by the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The company is also asked to keep records of all the discrimination complaints as well as to provide yearly reports to the EEOC. A notice about the lawsuit with the agency’s contact information must also be posted within company premises to inform the employees about their rights and to prevent the company from further discriminating African-Americans in the hiring process. The EEOC also urges Choctow to fill at least 25% of the company’s available positions with African-Americans.

That is quite a long list of sanctions but reasonable for the violation committed by Choctow after refusing to hire black applicants for a deckhand position for a decade or more on basis of race.

Based on the lawsuit filed at the US District Court for the Western District of Tennesse, Eastern division, aside from the racial discrimination committed by Choctow, the company also violated the Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA when it failed to properly keep medical and personnel records of its employees.

Provision set by the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 stated that employees and even applicants should not be subjected to racial discrimination in the workplace. It is a clear violation of the federal laws.

Victims of racial discrimination in the workplace should seek help from the most reliable agency like the EEOC that is knowledgeable enough in both federal and state’s anti-discrimination laws.

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