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Your Guide in Filing a Discrimination Case

Employees in the federal are some of the most underrated workers ever. These workers usually have long work hours with very minimal rest. Despite these working conditions, some of the employees suffers from abuse that makes their situation all the more worse. These employees oftentimes suffer from abuse brought about by their co-workers, supervisors, even by ordinary lay men. Most of the times though, these abuses are left unaccounted for. Acts like discrimination on the basis of an employee’s race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, or their genetic information. Furthermore, retaliatory acts are hurled against individuals filing a complaint for such acts of discrimination in the workplace, making the experience all the more traumatic for them. The thing is, there is a best way on how a federal worker and employee can seek justice from what has happened to them.

Unique Ways in Solving Labor Issues in Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Offices:

Your Guide in Filing a Discrimination CaseFirst of all, in filing a claim for discrimination or retaliation for such claims, you should contact an EEO Counselor of the agency which is in charge with the processing these complaints. You must be able to contact the finance officer within 45 days since when the days when the act of discrimination occurred. Usually, an EEO Counselor gives you the options available for the resolution of your claims. First of these solutions is EEO Counselling. you can also opt to try an alternative dispute resolution or ADR program, like mediation.

Formally Filing a Complaint

Should the mediation of the EEOs fail, you can now file a formal complaint to the authorities, the agency will then assess your complaint, checking if there were indeed violations committed. After the investigation of the commission is done, you can either ask for a hearing before the Administrative Judge. You can also ask the agency to come up with a decision regarding your claim. Should you disagree with the decision found by the board, you can ask for a review of the decision, or ultimately, challenge it in court.

Appealing a Claim

When filing a claim, not all decisions will be made in your favor. There are times when the odds may favor the other party just because of technicalities and other small issues. You can set the records straight and file an appeal to ask the court to re-evaluate the case. However, you should make the appeal 30 days after you have received the final order. If you still think the court have made a mistake after filing the appeal, you can ask for another reconsideration of your appeal.

No one deserves to be treated unfairly, especially in the workplace. People have their worth regardless of what one’s color, race, national origin, religion, sex, sexual reference or orientation, age, color and many more. And we have many employment and labor laws to protect those. However, when that situation comes when you will be ridiculed or discriminated because of these, stand up and fight for your rights. With the help of a good discrimination attorney in California, nobody can step on and trample on your rights ever again.

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