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Study: Muslim Applicants Less Likely to Get a Job

Muslim.jpgIn a new study conducted by the Carnegie Mellon University, it was revealed that Muslim candidates are less likely to get a job, most particularly if the applicant’s social media profile suggests that he or she is a Muslim.

During their experiment, the researcher sent out four different job applications to employers. All applicants are purposely given with traditionally white male names. They also have similar qualifications. Their only difference that could be found among the four candidates is that each of them listed distinctive characteristics in their Facebook profile – a gay, a straight, a Christian and a Muslim.

Apparently, the study observed that employers who did research into a candidate’s social media profile were less likely to call back Muslims for interviews.

Unfortunately, based on statistics, Muslims are 14 percent less likely to receive a call back from employers than Christian candidates. Meanwhile, gender preference has no distinguishing impact to employers.

However, the most alarming finding of the study is that in most Republican-dominated states, Muslim applicants have only 2 percent of chances to receive a call back from employers. On the contrary, in most Democratic-dominated states, Muslims applicants usually have 11 percent of chances to receive a call back.

Meanwhile, when it comes to straight and gay applicants, both have the same chances of getting hired in Democratic states while in Republican states, straight applicants have better chances of getting hired than gay counterparts.

Incidentally, in a previous report released by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), a remarkably 250 percent rise in the number of employment discrimination cases based on religion following the September 11 bombing (9-11) was observed. The EEOC has noted that although only about 2 percent of the U.S. populations are Muslims, they however accounted for a quarter of the religious discrimination cases filed in the agency in 2011.

It could be remembered that just last September, a case about the wrongful termination of a Muslim employee in California was featured in a blog post of an employment law attorney. It is a case of a Muslim woman who was terminated from the giant clothing line for refusing to remove her hijab while at work. The woman eventually won the case.


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