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Some Types of Workplace Discrimination among Aircraft Pilots

Some Types of Workplace Discrimination among Aircraft Pilots

The world had been shocked by the ill-fated MH370 that disappeared on March 8, 2014 and which was not yet located until today followed by an incident involving the MH17 which was then bound for Amsterdam wherein 283 passengers plus 15 crew members died and many similar events that happened last year. These situations have really created an alarm towards the mankind. However, while the fatalities resulted from misfortunate accidents affecting the aircrafts receives a lot of concerns from the general public, what most people are also unware of is the discriminations that most pilots are suffering from. Observed for decades, age discrimination is the leading problem that these professionals are distressed of.

Meanwhile, it’s not always the age of a pilot that is being mistreated and directly affecting their employment intentionally. Also, not every circumstance wherein a pilot was dismissed from work or either not accommodated during a hiring process means that he or she was subjected to ageism. However, there are other issues that this particular classification of workforce has been exposed and therefore distressed with. Other examples of workplace discrimination among pilots are included in the enumeration below.

Gender discrimination

Illegal actions such as refusal for employment are usually triggered by the element of age. In fact, the gender-based discrimination does not exempt the women pilots specifically when obtaining a job. According to data, although there are 6.61 percent of women pilots who are employed as of December 2013, this portion is still extremely small compared to the records of men pilots. Truly, when it comes to disparity regarding one’s gender, the aviation industry is greatly imperiled to such. Some claims expound that the absence of masculinity among the women pilots instead of the most important things is being prioritized by the hiring airlines and other similar entities which caused gender-based discrimination in the process.

Diabetes discrimination

Referred from an article released by the American Diabetes Association (ADA), according to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), a pilot traced for using insulin to control diabetes will definitely be forbidden to obtain a medical certificate which is necessary before he or she can operate an aircraft. Meanwhile, there’s still other ways to receive a certificate although with a lower merit if a diabetic pilot is willing to undertake the required special procedures. With this option, although the pilot can perform similar tasks, he or she will be obliged to operate an aircraft as a student pilot, flight instructor and sports pilot during private and leisure activities alone. This practice is unfair because enough studies proving that insulin intakes do not affect the pilot’s skills were previously done.

On the other hand, issues regarding a pilot’s color blindness are supported by reasonable grounds. Apart from the maritime jobs, electronics-related works and employment in interior design, a person who would like to get employed in the aviation industry must not suffer from color blindness as well. This is because being able to distinguish color correctly is important for managing the devices and equipment fixed in every aircraft. The FFA requires every aspiring pilot to take the necessary test for normal color vision first.

In addition, the aspect of a pilot’s decision-making and mental health is another significant element that resulted to some confusion. Yet, these professionals should incorporate a good mental health so not to execute some rare instances wherein some pilots killed themselves together with their passengers due to unknown reasons. In any of the said variables and all other things which assuredly affect the pilots, securing that any action that will be done towards them should have a sensible motive so not to root any type of employment discrimination against them.

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