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ABC’s “The Bachelor” in Dispute for Racial Discrimination Issues

ABC’s “The Bachelor”, together with its production company, Warner Horizon Television, was sued by two African-American for racial discrimination issues.

The class-action lawsuit was filed by two former football players, Nathaniel Claybrooks and Christopher Johnson, before the office of the federal court. In their lawsuit, the two claimed that when they went to a hotel somewhere in Nashville to audition for a role in “The Bachelor”, a producer blatantly asked them what they were doing there.

Allegedly, both men were taken to one side of the room and were left out of the usual audition process. No one between the two of them was called. Such hostility made the men believed that it was all due to their race.

The men said in an interview said that ABC has deliberately excluded black from the show. ABC has been running the shows for a decade, consisting of sixteen seasons of “The Bachelor” and seven seasons of “The Bachelorette”.

In their legal documents, the men further said that two shows are examples of intentionally segregating racial differences in the media and denying person of color opportunities in the entertainment industry.

Warner Horizon, on the other hand, called the complaint as baseless and meritless. The show’s producer said that they actually had different non-white participants throughout the show’s history, and that its producers have been continuously and publicly expressive about seeking candidates of different race for both shows.

Although Claybrooks and Johnson are both based in Tennessee, they still have an option to file the lawsuit in California since the show was filmed in the said state. Even their lawyers suggested as well that they will have a better protection in the Golden state than in Tennessee due to the former’s provisions called “Unruh Civil Rights Act”, which is not present in Tennessee.

The Unruh Civil Rights Act includes rights for emotional distress damages and likely punitive damages if the racial discrimination the workplace were made at a high degree by Warner Horizon. That is, aside from the possible economic damages that could be proven during the litigation process.

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