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Oklahoma Approves New Policy Favoring Gay Employees

Finally, the Oklahoma City Council has approved the new proposed policy protecting gay employees. The controversial policy passed for its 7 to 2 votes last November 15, 2011.

A council member had actually delayed the vote for several weeks to find enough time to do some research regarding the matter. One council man claims that addition of sexual orientation is no longer required in the city policy since there is no such issue that arises in Oklahoma.

Councilmen opposed to the measure expressed their religious point of view and opposition to adding a policy to employment non – discrimination. Meanwhile, those who are in favor of the policy expressed their intention for fairness and equality.

Despite the controversies and debates, the new policy passed in the city council and is now approved. Sexual orientation is now added to the city’s employment non – discrimination policy.

An employment non – discrimination act is a bill in the US made to prevent employment discrimination against employees and applicants based on sexual orientation or gender identity by employers and even other people such as civilians and other civic organizations.

Apparently, gays, bisexual employees and job applicants in Oklahoma City may now have clear rights and protection against employment discrimination.

Admittedly, not every one is happy with the new approved policy. However, Councilman El Shadid stick to his personal point of view that it will not do any harm to people nor cause any dime to taxpayers for adding the sexual orientation into the city’s employment non – discrimination.

However, it is noted that the city council ordinance is only applicable to the city employees and applicants and not to any private businesses.

Gays and bisexuals who still experience discrimination despite the city’s new approved policy, may consult an employment lawyer to make people understand the essence of the new approved policy.

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