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Job Accommodation Network: Giving Employees with Disabilities the Help That They Need

Job Accommodation Network: Giving Employees with Disabilities the Help That They Need
A person’s disability doesn’t make him or her less of a person. These people may have impairments but that does not take away one’s skills and talents. These people need acceptance and help to let them achieve their full potential. That is why according to the many labor and employment laws, prohibits discrimination, harassment, and the abuse of disabled people. Moreover, these laws encourage employers to extend reasonable accommodations for these people. By reasonable accommodation, the law means that employers must give consideration and extend accommodations to disabled employees, long as it does not cause undue hardship to the former.

Guidance for Better Compliance

Sadly though, not a lot of people understand how this law works. That is why some employers end up not adhering to this law. And so, it is important that these employers are educated about these laws well to guide them and help them better comply with these laws. This is one of the reasons why the Job Accommodation Network (JAN) is instituted. This service of the US Department of Labor is responsible for helping employers by guiding them in providing workplace accommodations to employees and other issues concerning disability employment. JAN helps provide practical solutions that are to give benefits to both employers and employees.

JAN and Employers

JAN provides a lot of help to employer. Through JAN, big or small employers, employee representative, service providers, even government agencies receive the help that they need. Through JAN, private employers can:

–          Hire, retain, and promote disabled employees that fit a certain qualification,

–          Understand how having people with disabilities make great business sense,

–          Learn workplace accommodation options as well as practical solutions,

–          Help give employers the protection for their business by educating them about disability-related legislation,

–          Impart employment practices that helps save them money through reduced employees’ compensation, as well as other insurance costs, and

–          Help them address issues when it comes to accessibility

Furthermore, JAN helps federal agencies to:

–          Benefit from the talent and skills and the talents of  these employees are offering

–          Help in the identification of resources that can help them learn schedule and more about the employment of disabled people.

–          Help federal agencies understand their responsibilities under the ADA, as well as Section 5 of the Rehabilitation Act.

JAN and Employees

JAN helps disabled employees get guidance on workplace accommodations, the laws like the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as well as related legislation, even self-employment and their entrepreneurship options, which are available online and via the phone. Moreover, JAN also helps people with disabilities to increase the chances of them getting hired and succe4ed on their selected jobs. Specifically, JAN helps employees to:

–          Better understand and be aware of their rights under the ADA and the Rehabilitation Act,

–          Educate them about the benefits of asking for accommodations from their employer or potential employer,

–          Finding the specific accommodation as well as accessibility options that helps them be successful at work

–          Provide leads to find government resources as well as agencies that can help them find jobs or be successful in their current work.

Should you want to receive help like reporting cases of discrimination in the workplace or any abuses under the ADA, you can reach JAN by calling them at (800) 528-72347 or (877) 781-9403 (TTY), visit, JAN’s social network accounts, and in-person trainings. For Spanish speaking individuals, no need to worry for JAN also offers assistance in your language.

In these modern times, employment discrimination on the basis of one’s disability is just unacceptable. One should know that they can file a case against your employer. By hiring a workplace discrimination attorney, you can avenge the injustice that has happened to you.

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