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Former CFO Sue Superiors after Firing Her After Cancer Leave

In a lawsuit filed in New York by a former Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Elly Rosenthal, she is claiming that after she returned from her medical leave for her breast cancer treatment, she was demoted and about two years later, and was suddenly fired by her superiors.

Rosenthal, 57 years old, had been employed at Proskauer for less than 19 years. During her entire stay at the firm, Rosenthal never received any negative feedback. Discrimination based on gender, age and actual or discerned disability are claimed at the suit.

Allegedly, Rosenthal’s replacement as CFO had opposed her authority and that said replacement is not even a certified public accountant and had never been a head of any finance department.

Rosenthal eventually accepted her demotion and after that, she was advised to strongly concentrate on completely changing how they do things. When she made a new proposal for a new system of e-billing, the new CFO declined the proposal even though it was approved by the management of the said firm.

The suit also says that, In Proskauer’s leadership rank, women are always at the bottom list. They more preferred men for their key financial and administrative positions although in their website, a commitment is proclaimed to aiming equal opportunity and diversity.

Proskauer is quite disappointed about the suitcase. They still affirm that they have faithfully supported their fellow worker who has undergone illnesses or else needed proper accommodation related to disability as mandated on the disability law.

In disability law, it is stated that employers are required to give qualified employees with disability an equal opportunity and full range of benefits that are available to the other employees.

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