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EMPLEO: Preventing Discrimination and Wage Law Violations Against Hispanics and Other Minorities in the Country’s Workforce

EMPLEO Preventing Discrimination and Wage Law Violations Against Hispanics and Other Minorities in the Country’s Workforce

Discrimination in the workplace is still very much rampant in spite of the many employment and labor laws that prevent such. The various government agencies that look after the welfare of the minorities that are being taken advantage of by some employers. One of the issues encountered by minorities in the country are the failure of the employers to adhere to labor laws about wages. As times get tougher, it is important that people get the wages they deserve and should receive to help them get by life and its many challenges. These pressing issues needs to be addressed and resolved quickly.

The Problems that the Hispanic Community Faces

In the state of California for example, there are a group of minorities that are subject to these kinds of workplace discrimination. The Hispanic community is one of those commonly-discriminated against races by some employers. Despite their many contributions to the country, some Hispanics still fall victims to discriminative acts by their employers. From verbal and physical abuse, some are being taken advantage of by their employers by giving them wages that are way below than the effort they put in with their work. And so, the US Department of Labor and various stakeholders did something to help protect these Hispanics from abuse.


The Wage and Hour Division of the DOL started a program a decade ago aptly named EMPLEO. Employment, Education and Outreach is an alliance built by government agencies, consulates, as well as nonprofit organizations in seven counties in Greater Los Angeles. This alliance is made to help empower the Hispanic community in the area. This aims to provide assistance to old time and even recent immigrants, helping everybody in the country to be paid fairly for the work they have rendered. They will provide the needed education, services, as well as the protection of workplace rights and responsibilities of this minority community.

EMPLEO at 10

In celebration of its 10th year anniversary, EMPLEO’s various partners are looking back to commemorate the many achievements that include helping more than 9,000 workers to receive almost $14 million in back wages. To further make the program even more effective, EMPLEO is welcoming seven new stakeholders and installing their representatives in the program. Such new relationships will even make EMPLEO even more effective in carrying out its mandate of protecting the Hispanic Community in California.

How to Reach EMPLEO?

If you have been a victim of wage law violations, acts of workplace discrimination, or would want to be a partner for EMPLEO, you can call 1-877-55-AYUDA or 1-877-55-29832. A Spanish-speaking volunteer that has been trained by the US DOL Wage and Hour Division as well as other agents will be there other EMPLEO partners. If you want to directly reach the Wage and Hour Division, you can call them at 1-866-4US-WAGE or 1-866-487-9243 so you can directly file your claims.

A Los Angeles employment and labor law attorney would like to extend his greetings to EMPLEO and commends the formation of such group. For him, such groups help ensure that the many employment and labor laws that are implemented in the country. This way, he believes that there would be none, or at least lesser victims of discrimination in the workplace and wage law violations.

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