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California among States with the Most Employment Discrimination Complaints

California may be the State that houses the largest civil right agency in the U.S., the Department of Fair Employment and Housing, but the Golden State ranks number three among states with the most number of employment discrimination complaint filed before the office of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

The rankings were revealed in the EEOC’s new released data for 2011. The data shows that California had 7,166 workers’ complaints filed last year.

About 45% of this figure was related to retaliation complaints, while one-third of charges focus on racial discrimination, 29% on disability discrimination charges, about 27% on gender discrimination complaints, and more than one-fourth on age discrimination.

Texas was the state with the most number of employment discrimination cases, having a total 9,952, followed by Florida with a total of 8,008 complaints, and then California with 7,166 complaints.

Texas has about 6 million more population than Florida, while the state of California is the biggest state by population which is actually twice that of Florida.

Some speculated that the major reason why Texas reached such abundant number of employment discrimination complaints is because the state’s agency responsible for implementing equal employment opportunity lacks strong administrative power in preventing employers from committing employment misconducts.

Although California has been more proactive in dealing with complaints in the past few years, a Los Angeles employment discrimination lawyersuggests that the state should be more persuasive in implementing anti-discriminatory rules in the workplace. Such effort is to keep it from being in the list of states with the most employment discrimination complaints.

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