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British Employee Accuses Chinese Telecom Manufacturer of Racial Discrimination

Huawei is the largest networking and telecommunications equipment supplier in China with head office at Longgang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong. Slowly, Huawei has been staging in UK and also plans to expand its enterprise operation in the Western part of Europe after failing to do invasion in US.

While working its way for a huge expansion in England, one former British employee of Huawei is claiming that he was terminated by the said Chinese telecom manufacturer because he was not a Chinese.

Judeson Peter worked as a customer support engineer in Huawei since April 2006 until he was terminated on May, 2009. Allegedly, he was fired because he is a British. Huawei’s unlawful act had caused Peter to file for a lawsuit claiming wrongful termination, breach of contract and racial and age discrimination.

Peter is also claiming that more than 300 workers were moved to UK during his employment while 49 British and non – Bristish staff lost their jobs. This has led him to believe that he was unfairly pre – selected for termination due to his race and age. Peter also added that not single Chinese engineer has ever been terminated while 30 non – Chinese have been.

Huawei has denied Peter’s claims against them. Huawei representative opposed Peter’s argument by stating that Chinese expats were employed by their holding company in China and did not work for their UK – based company.

In a statement, Hauwei proved Peter’s allegations false. According to them, Huawei unfortunately had to do a series of termination, resulting in twenty – five percent British workers and thirty two percent Chinese employees jobless.

Though, Huawei had given out their response to the lawsuit filed against them to clear out their names particularly in the UK area, they are still required to pass through the employment discrimination lawsuit which will resolve on the allegations set forth against them.

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