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Star Trek Actor William Shatner Sued for Allegedly Harassing Employees

At least two former employees of “Star Trek” actor William Shatner are now suing the latter after allegedly being harassed and discriminated.

News reports claimed that spouses Oscar and Delmy Alfaro filed a lawsuit against Shatner and his wife, Elizabeth before the L.A. County Superior Court last September 4.

According to the lawsuit, both Oscar and Delmy worked for the Shatner household for a couple of decades. While Oscar worked as the Shatners’ handyman, Delmy worked as their housekeeper.

The Alfaro couple claimed in their lawsuit that Shatner started harassing and berating them when Oscar refused to sign a waiver with regards to a back injury he sustained after he slipped on the wet driveway in Shatner’s home at Studio City, California.

The Alfaro couple alleged that the amount of payment that Shatner was offering to Oscar could not at least cover the latter’s medical expenses that is why he refused to sign the waiver. Since then, Shatner and her wife started to harass and berated them so bad until they finally decided to quit their jobs.

Furthermore, the lawsuit claimed that since the Alfaro couple quit their job, they suffered humiliation, embarrassment, and mental anguish aside from losing their earnings and benefits. Consequently, they are now seeking unspecified damages, special, and exemplary damages in the said lawsuit.

Shatner is best known for his role in the science-fiction television series, “Star Trek” which was followed by another legal drama series, “The Practice” and its sequel, “Boston Legal.”

Until present, no comments are released by Shatner’s party.

Meanwhile, according to statement released by Alfaro couple’s legal representative, what the Shatner couple did, in his opinion, is something that was against public policy. Therefore, on behalf of his clients, he sees the need for a court resolution to determine the right thing to do under legal circumstances.

On the other hand, several Los Angeles employment lawyers agreed with the complainants’ standpoint since there is a designated legal jury to rightfully resolve such cases.

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