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Renowned Chef Paula Deen Wins Racial Discrimination Lawsuit

Image gives credit to Jason Merritt / Getty Images.

Image gives credit to Jason Merritt / Getty Images.

This is one of the most ironic decisions made by the U.S. court in history.

In a recent decision, a judge dismissed the racial discrimination case against renowned chef Paula Deen, which unfortunately destroyed her reputation.

In his ruling, the judge simply ruled that the complainant, Lisa Jackson, had no right to file such claim simply because she is a WHITE American.

Ironically, how could a person say that he or she was discriminated based on his or her race in the U.S. if she or he is a white?

Generally, only African-Americans are often the target of discernment due to their skin color.

Meanwhile, Jackson contested that someone in her family was bi-racial, which the jury probably found it hard to believe. Nevertheless, according to the judge, ”even if it is true, she was at best an “accidental victim”.

Unfortunately for Deen, although the judge had ruled out the claim that was set against her was apparently all fabricated, her career has been damaged by the bogus. Also, the case will still go on since Jackson also claims sexual discrimination.

It could be remembered that Jackson previously sued Deen for allegedly subjecting her to sexual harassment and racism.

Filing such employment discrimination cases against an employer could be a hard and overwhelming task since the complainant has to prove that his or her claims have solid grounds or basis, noted by a Los Angeles employment lawyer.


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