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City Council Votes to Reinstate ‘Gangnam Style’ Dancing Lifeguards

Fired lifeguards

Photo gives credit to LA Times Blog.

After El Monte City Mayor Andre Quintero called for a review regarding the case of the 14 lifeguards and their manager who were fired for dancing the viral music video, Gangnam Style, the city council finally ruled to reinstate the fired lifeguards.

During a city council meeting, the members voted to recommend the reinstatement of the fired lifeguards to the Interim City Manager Dayle Keller, who has full authority on the matter.

Subsequently, Keller said that she would assess how to fulfill the council’s request.

Furthermore, the councilmen asked Keller to encourage the lifeguards to participate in a third party review to determine what really caused their terminations. Also, the city council is seeking for a response from the Aquatic Center’s management regarding the accusations of nepotism and some other issues that surfaced in line with the termination.

In his statement, Mayor Quintero said that if the city is really serious about resolving the situation, having the concerned parties’ participation is important in the process.

Incidentally, aside from the global support that the workers received, the city mayor and the council members likewise voted in favor of the lifeguards.

On the other hand, those who did not vote in favor of the workers claimed that they wanted to see the result of the investigation first before finally making a decision whether to hire the lifeguards.

Previous reports claimed that the lifeguards were fired by the city due to unauthorized use of company resources like city-issued uniforms and the Aquatic Center for their own personal benefit.

However, on their response, the lifeguards claimed that their Gangnam Style version video, which they posted online, was shot while they were off-duty.

Unfortunately, despite the city council’s vote of getting the lifeguards back into their jobs, the fired employees allegedly claimed that they would probably not return to their jobs.

Meanwhile, although he was happy for all the support that the lifeguards are constantly receiving, a Los Angeles employment lawyer here somehow understands where the workers are coming from for refusing the great opportunity being offered to them.

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