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Fresno City, Police Department Freed from Racial Discrimination Allegations

Proving that discrimination occurs may be difficult because you need to present solid evidence which shows that you were treated badly because of your race, age, or gender, among others.

A not guilty verdict was handed to Fresno City and its police department after a black police officer, who was identified as Gerald Miller, raised allegations concerning racial discrimination.  The problem began in 2007, after Miller was pulled over by another officer because he was speeding.

Instead of dealing with the problem properly, the two ended up having a heated discussion.

The officer was given a blue sheet and the department also conducted an affairs investigation after he raised objections with regard to the ticket.

In this case, the plaintiff was not able to provide sufficient evidence showing that the department performed discriminatory actions against him. Building up a good case is hard and it may require the expertise of a Los Angeles employment lawyer.

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