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Disability Discrimination Case Filed Against The Scooter Store

As an employee, it can be hard for you to perform your job duties, especially if such duties require physical stamina. You might face bigger problems if you suddenly sustained an injury which makes it hard or even impossible for you to go to work.

The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has filed a disability discrimination suit against nationwide retailer The Scooter Store after the latter allegedly rejected an injured worker’s request to go on a leave because of a disabling knee injury.

EEOC sued the company on behalf of the employee after he was terminated for job abandonment. The agency alleged that the defendant failed to provide reasonable accommodation to the employee after the latter was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, which resulted from a knee injury.

The employee was allegedly fired after the company rejected his leave request.

The company is now involved in a controversy because it might have violated the Americans with Disability Act (ADA). This law protects employees from unjust actions which may be performed against them because of their disabling medical condition.

For more information about ADA and disability discrimination, you are advised to call a Los Angeles employment lawyer.

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  1. Santa Monica Attorney says

    The Scooter Store only deserves to face such legal charges. The management should have known their actions, especially that the employee only asked for a leave with a reasonable purpose.

  2. Smith says

    It appears that this is happening more often now. I worked for them for many years, with over time not paid, pay scales changed almost monthly. I have a disablity that does not allow me to drive and had to have my husband take and pick me up. As a this condition progressed, I was unable to work Saturdays and nights due to my husbands schd. I was treated unfairly after many years of service. VERY SAD. So much more goes on behind those doors. It truly was (I repeat was) a great and honest company, but now, not so much

  3. John Brosnan says

    I’ve written a story about how my employer, the State of Minnesota, threatened me and then wrongfully fired me, in order to help my county separate me from my child.

    No More Secrets and Lies

    A true story about the extreme measures taken by Blue Earth County in Minnesota and the State of Minnesota to separate a child with a mental disability from the only person who was able to help her — her father.

    “A story to be shared and read by Social Workers all over the world.” — Comment by a Social Work site on FaceBook.

  4. dyrah_seo says

    Hi John Brosnan I’ve read your blog and I am so sorry about what happened. Have you tried consulting a wrongful death lawyer? The nursing home you were saying must have some liability on your mom’s death. Also, an employment lawyer could help you in determining your legal rights about your termination. There is no harm in trying. Why not take the opportunity of availing free consultations provided by some lawyers within your area.

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